Responsibly grown on farms from the vast expanse of the Karoo in South Africa, the latest offering from BabyMoh! is a charming collection using 100% traceable Kid Mohair. The overall theme is “back to basics” and “back to the land”. The styles and colours have been consciously considered for simplicity, elegance and beauty.

From veld to finished product, the entire supply chain is connected by our philosophy of quality and integrity. With every BabyMoh! article, you can trust that the fibre has been ethically sourced and can be traced to its origins, and that the skilled craftspeople that made it are treated with dignity and respect.

The Hinterveld Mill

The Hinterveld Mill is located Uitenhage, the heart of Mohair country, and is a dedicated weaver and knitter of rare and natural fibre products. Part of the Stucken Group – a family owned, vertically integrated, value adding processor and trader of South African. Hinterveld has access to the vast wealth of experience acquired by the Group’s commitment to premium mohair in South Africa since 1951.